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What are your feelings on the whole vaccines or toxins=autism debate??
k_c_journal wrote in aspergersassoc

My stance on this right now is that vaccine injury  can MIMIC autism... I think vaccine injury is completely seperate from autism. Although I did read somewhere that our (people with ASD's) bodies are slower when it comes to secreting toxic substances.  I'll have to find a link on that.  Ahh, I guess the jury is still out on this one, I can see how mercury (thermisol), or other toxins may trigger autism..but I think that the person has to be predesposed to autism to begin with, if that makes any sense...  So, people with Autism would have autism no matter what.. but maybe they would have it, without complications like panic disorder to name one.  I say that because I have panic d/o or without the sensory issues.  Our lives are different enough without the added ailments!!  I do think that vaccines have a role in how severe the autism is.  Just my 2cents.  Also, what do you think about Jenny McCarthy?  I don't think her child had autism, sounds more like a severe food allergy..although I've only watched her speak on tv 1x..and I zoned through most of it LOL...



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