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Can you relate to me?
k_c_journal wrote in aspergersassoc
Ok, so I have asperger's syndrome, and I want to know if any others can relate to any of this.. thanks..


1.Who knows what I'm talking about when you put your hands over your eyes, with light pressure until you see the lights, and shapes, and colors?

2.Who zones completely out when 2 or more people are speaking to you at once, or there are two conversations in the same room... can you still concentrate, or do you want to run?

3.Who still does "childish" things, like hanging upside down on the monkey bars, climbing tree's etc.. 

4.How about those who hide in the bedroom when someone knocks on the door....pretending you are not home lol? 

5.oh, and the same with phone calls....unless it is family, and even then, you only answer because you want to keep the peace, not because you want to?

6.Anyone here every blown up at someone for no reason, but it was the only thing you knew to do because you were overstimmed and needed QUIET! ?

7.who here has friends in real life?  Family doesn't count for this question lol

8.I've NEVER slept my myself, except as an infant...anyone else?  and why?   

9.Anyone else only take baths?

10.As a child, did you sit AWAY from the drain....because you werent quite convinced you wouldn't be sucked down?

11.Who else repeated themselves when talking?  for example  "am I all white and pale"  than whisper "am I all white and pale"   

12.Anyone else think traveling to other countries is pointless because we have discovery  health..why leave the safe haven?

13.Anyone else have problems with reading books?  except if it is something you are in to?  For example,  I can read a nutrition book, medical book, it has to be reality..etc.. but get me a fiction book and I can't bear to try to read it..   I also have a HUGE fear of papercuts, but if it's a day where I am reading something I am into.. that fear is gone.. WEIRD.

14. Does anyone else count alot, in your head. kindof like a game, but a challange.  Also, when you are scared, do you count your heartbeat?

15. What about death.  I HATE this subject.  Maybe if infact we are all dreaming, when we are awake, then death is just a nightmare.  but then again, that can't be right because sometimes there are no dreams.  YUCK, I HATE death!! What is the point of life, if it ends with death!!! I hope that the bible is non fiction!!!

16.  Have you even been very BLUNT with someone when they are trying to chit chat with you.  Chit chating about history, or about clothes, shopping, sales, stupid things? Have you ever just said " I don't care

17.  Who else is petrified of throwing up.  And also is petrified when other adults throw up.  I know I can't be there for someone, if they are throwing up.  Take some phenagrin already. That is terrifying!!  This is where I do not feel empathy.  Well and trivial things like aches and pains, headaches.. stop complaining people.

18.  Who else hates sheets?  I cant stand them. I cover up with soft, thick blankets. 

19.  Holidays?  Do they make you nervous?   

20.  Who else is on the computer alot?  When you get a new prescription, do you research it until you have read everything concerning the subject that is on the net?

oh I thought of a few more..

21.  Do you get angry when you are trying to think, and someone starts talking to you?
22.  Have you ever been "labeled" as self abusive for things you weren't doing to yourself on purpose?  Like kicking your heels on your ankles while watching tv... or biting your hand while driving... and if these things help you focus?  I know, it sounds bizaare.  I'm not saying I personally do these things lol
23.  Who hates change?  Not some change, all change!!   Including waking up, and going to sleep.  I guess transition would be a better word.

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i read all of these, answering yes to most of them...but, 10??

i laughed out loud. i thought i was alone there.

*try 1000 count sheets... you'll never go back to blankets again*

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