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Disipline TIPS for parents of children with autism
k_c_journal wrote in aspergersassoc

Found this while I was surfing the web, looking for parenting tips

  • Do not make your child look at you when you are angry.
  • Say “no” firmly but not loudly.
  • Have your child pick up his toys and put them away in the toy box.
  • Have your child correct his mistakes, clean up his own messes, and apologize to others as needed.
  • Ignore your child if he throws a temper tantrum in public; when he gets it out of his system, continue with what you were going to do.
  • Send your child to his room if he throws a temper tantrum at home.
  • Time-out minutes should correspond to the age of the child, usually lasting one minute per year of age.
  • Give a child who bites himself a chewy tube.
  • Remove objects of obsession from sight if they are inappropriate or affecting the quality of life.
  • Write out rules for a child who can read or use pictures if he cannot.
  • Tell your child often how good she is.
  • Find things your child is doing right or well and praise him.
  • Calm yourself if your child is upset.
  • Hug and kiss your child often; happy children do not act out as much as unhappy children.
  • Give attention to appropriate behavior and ignore inappropriate behavior.

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pretty much how you should raise any child, in my mind.

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